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Call of Duty Ghosts

 I feel Ghosts tried to add new elements to it's gameplay. They added a new slide feature that I feel actually works quite well. It allows you to quickly get into cover and makes it simple to transition back to shooting. They also added a new lean feature, which allows the character to lean out of cover to take out your enemies. It's a nice new feature that takes some getting used to because you have to be in a fairly specific point in the cover. If you are not in the correct spot your character will end up just standing there staring at a wall. Aside from these few new features it's a basic Call of Duty game with easy, familiar controls.

There are many new additions and tweaks to the multiplayer in Ghosts. Infinity Ward has made it so that all weapons and attachments are available right off the bat. Once you have enough squad points for the weapon of your choice it is yours. They have also made your loadouts fully customizable, you are no longer limited to 3 set perks. You can now interchange weapons and equipment for extra perks, which are now based on a point system.

Dynamic maps have also been added. You can now destroy a gas station or walls to take out your enemies. These locations are limited, but still a nice addition. There are less air based point streaks, meaning less time spent looking in the sky and more time engaging in the ground battle. Ghosts has also added a few new modes that definitely make the game much more fast paced and action packed. Field objectives in every match, this is a briefcase dropped by players with a special order in it. Upon completion of the specific order (i.e. get 2 kills while prone, or a kill while jumping) you are awarded with a care package. These new features are nice additions to the multiplayer and definitely make it much more customizable.

Extinction is a new mode to Call of Duty. Somewhat similar to Treyarch's zombie modes, you find yourself fighting through a map filled with aliens while completing objectives. Extinction can be very challenging and requires team work to make it through.

  • New slide and lean features
  • Easy to control
  • Weapon & environment sound accuracy
  • All weapons available in multiplayer from the start
  • New Extinction and multiplayer modes
  • Graphics blocky at times
  • Less grasping story than previous games (until the end)
  • Riley's whimpering can be annoying

The graphics of the environments look very clear and accurate. The details throughout the maps are superb. The characters looked good for the most part, however some did look very rough/blocky around the edges.

The audio is very accurate with everything going on around you. In the middle of a blizzard you can hear the wind howling around you when outside. You can hear the water rushing through the rivers or flooded levels. The guns now make entirely different sound depending on your surroundings. The sound of your weapons fire can be entirely different from room to room depending on size, or what the rooms made of.


In Call of Duty Ghosts you play a majority of the game as Logan. Logan is accompanied by his brother Hesh and guided by their father, Elias. You find yourself in a very different world. The federation has taken control of a US satellite, the Odin, and have launched kinetic rods at major cities, destroying many US heavily populated cities. You must fight through this war-torn world trying to stop Rorke, a former Ghost that is slowly having all current Ghosts taken out. Becoming a Ghost yourself on your journey, you fight to save the Ghosts and turn the tides of the ongoing war. I found the story not nearly as grasping as previous Call of Duty titles, until the end. If you make it all the way through the story it truly pays off.

Final Thoughts

With an amazing story, the new Extinction mode, and the endless hours of multiplayer Call of Duty Ghosts will once again be a force to be reckoned with. If you have enjoyed previous titles, or are looking for a very fast paced FPS game, Call of Duty Ghosts has it.