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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

 Advanced Warfare has taken Call of Duty to a whole new level. There are so many new additions that change the mechanics of the game in good ways. Some of the biggest are the double jump ability, the ability to dash sideways or backwards to get to cover quickly. These new abilities make your soldier much more maneuverable. There are also an array of new abilities that come with the exo suit. These range from a cloak to hide you from your enemies, a shield, or even an ability to regenerate your heath at a rapid rate. Aside from these few new features it's a basic Call of Duty game with easy, familiar controls.

Advanced Warfare's multiplayer is everything you've come to expect from a Call of Duty game and then some. The new exo suits bring something fresh and new to the franchise. This makes the game so much more vertical, and really speeds up the pace of gameplay. The new exo abilities in mutiplayer replace your secondary grenade slot, and are based off the battery power of your exo suit. These abilities include the cloak, the shield, the ability to regenerate, silent footsteps, and more.

The scorestreaks have also been improved upon. There are less choices but they are a lot more customizable. You can increase the score necessary for a streak to make it more valuable. You can increase the time your UAV stays in the air by adding 50 points to the scorestreak, or an extra energy beam from your vulcan. These are refreshing and really step up your customization ability.

With the new abilities, the fun factor of multiplayer has increased significantly. It is extremely satisfying when you jump through a skylight land behind an enemy that's expecting you to walk through a door he just came through, and taking him out.

Survival is Advanced Warfare's 3rd mode that is all co-op. Up to 4 players take on waves of AI enemies, slowly increasing your abilities and buying new weapons to take on the endless hordes of enemies.

  • Awesome Exo Abilities
  • Fun, diverse gameplay (campaign)
  • Beautiful Graphics
  • Double jump and dash abilities
  • New Uplink and momentum multiplayer modes
  • Mediocre Story
  • Often regular enemies just won't die
  • Final fight felt... Too familiar/recycled

The graphics in Advanced Warfare are stunning on the Xbox One. Especially the cinematics. With the motion capture used for this game, it is just gorgeous and looks incredibly realistic.

The game audio as always is spot on. Everything sounds as it should. The voice acting in this game is incredibly done. Especially with Kevin Spacey in the roll of Johnathan Irons. Call of Duty campaign feels like more of a high action packed movie than a game.


In Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you play as Jack Mitchell. A marine on his first assignment. North Korea has Invaded Seoul and they must be stopped. While fighting, Mitchell's best friend, Will Irons, is KIA, and Mitchell is left with a crippling injury. He is then taken under the wing of Will's father, Johnathan Irons. Johnathan Irons is the president and CEO of Atlas, a company for hire to fight for your country. You must hunt down the leader of the KVA, Hades, and stop him before he launches a terrorist throughout multiple big cities the world. The only question is, is Atlas the company it claims to be, or is there something deeper going on in Atlas?

Final Thoughts

Due to all the new abilities with the exo suit, the new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a refreshing shooter in what many though was a dying, over-repetitive franchise.