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Bioshock Infinite

Gameplay in Bioshock Infinite is very smooth and basic. It doesn't take very long to get the hang of the controls and start really enjoying the game. The gun selection isn't too huge but you will likely pick a few and stick with them. Vigors gradually come throughout the game, you will rarely be required to use a specific one, so you'll develop favorites and use them constantly. Anytime Elizabeth is with you, you will never run out of anything because she'll constantly throw you money, health, ammo, and Vigors. Elizabeth is also a lock-picking expert and she is able to open "rips" that can bring health, cover and other items into the world. Throughout gameplay she only got in my way once, she got me stuck in a corner and I couldn't move. All I had to do is jump and I was able to move out of the corner.

  • Very driving story
  • Easy to get into
  • Elizabeth is helpful and rarely in the way
  • Guides are very helpful and makes it hard to get stuck
  • When you die you start exactly where you were
  • Small arsenal of weapons & Vigors
  • Choices don't affect the game as much as you think they will
  • Cant buy guns, only ammo (you have to find guns)
  • Expensive upgrades

At first glance Bioshock Infinite looks dull and like it will be the same colored environments throughout the whole game. As the game progresses in time parts are very colorful and breathtaking.

Sounds are good and you can hear everything around you. As far as the soundtrack, honestly, it didn't stand out to me and I'm not even sure there is a soundtrack.


It's 1912 and you play as Booker Dewitt. Booker has been sent to "the lighthouse" to deliver a girl, Elizabeth, to pay off a debt (unknown to the player). You are taken to a city in the clouds, Columbia. The people of Columbia look to their profit and follow everything he says. The profit is known as Father Comstock. Once you find the girl you find yourself fighting through Columbia and trying to find a way back to the ground, New York. In New York is where there are people that can wipe your debt clean.

Final Thoughts

For me Bioshock is a one time experience and I don't have much desire to go back and go thru it again.