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Beyond Two Souls

Beyond plays out more like an interactive movie than a game. The controls are simple and makes Beyond: Two Souls play out as more of a mini-game throughout the story. The entirety of the game is played by a series of button prompts to get through the the story. It is a very different type of gameplay style than any other. The game is very much based on your decisions. Decisions effect the fates of the games characters. Beyond's style of gameplay makes your decisions make an impact on how the game ends. In comparison to Heavy Rain the controls are much easier to use. The characters, fighting, and overall mechanics are a lot easier to control.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Easy controls
  • Driving story/story-telling
  • Like watching a movie
  • A lot of action
  • Can be hard to control
  • Same endings
  • Gameplay choices don't really effect how
    the game ends

From the beginning the graphics in this game will have you locked in. They are gorgeous and have an immense amount of detail. Jodie and Nathan look just like Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. The motion capture system used for this game was incredibly done and every emotion is clear and extremely precise.

The voice acting in Beyond: Two Souls was incredibly done. The soundtrack does an amazing job of setting the mood and keeping the player feeling what the characters feel.


In Beyond: Two Souls you play as Jodie Holmes (Ellen Page), a girl who was born with a unique gift. Jodie is linked to an entity named Aiden who is connected to her and can never be far from her. Beyond brings you throughout Jodie's life with this entity showing how she grew up with such a gift with the help of Nathan Dawkins (Willem Dafoe). You jump around the timeline of her life to see where she has been and slowly piece together what has happened and what's happened in her life to get here where she is.

Final Thoughts

Due to the stunning visual and story that Beyond has to offer it is a very exciting game. If you have played Heavy Rain and liked the style of gameplay that it had to offer Beyond: Two Souls is a must play. If you have not played a game like this before but want an amazing, well told story definitely try it out. If simple gameplay is not your thing and you want a challenging game rather than an enticing story this game isn't for you.