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Battlefield 4

 The gameplay in Battlefield 4 has improved from the previous Battlefields. The realistic weapons and new weapon upgrades make the game feel that much more impressive. The campaign is a little dull but it has improved with some entertaining action scenes. The Multiplayer is what makes this game a strong competitor in the FPS genre. Each class has new perks and new weapons. The game also introduces battle pickups in the game so if you see a grenade launcher on the ground you can pick it up and use it. Each map will have weapon pickups for your use in battle. The game also introduces Levolution to the new maps. Levolutions are player driven and can change the gameplay in multiplayer by changing the map. There are a few new multiplayer modes such as Obliteration and Defuse. Each have added new experiences in multiplayer.

This is why most gamers buy Battlefield for it's outstanding multiplayer and enticing and enormous maps. In battlefield 4 there are tons of options for the player to play a tactical role on the battlefield. There are new multiplayer modes like Obliteration and Defuse. There are some new perks and weapon unlocks which will help you in your tactical operations and to destroy your opponents. The newest and most interesting is “Levolution”, player driven actions take down giant skyscrapers or bust open a levy, which floods the entire city to change how the game is played. Players can even take out a dam to wipe out your enemies. There are small Levolutions and big Levolutions and if done right it can turn the tides in battle.

  • Levolution (Evolving Levels)
  • Battle pickups
  • Numerous weapon upgrades
  • New weapons
  • Obliteration and Defuse
  • Dull campaign
  • Server issues
  • Textures load slowly

The graphics in the game look great. There wasn't much improvement from Battlefield 3, but there will be a huge difference when it launches on the PS4 and XBOX One.

The weapons sound great as always and the soundtrack in the campaign is a big improvement from the previous Battlefields.


Battlefield 4 takes place in the year 2020, six years after its predecessor. Russia is at war with the United States due to a conflict from six years ago. China plans to Join Russia to take out the US if Admiral Chang’s plans go through to take over China’s current government. You play as Sgt. Daniel Reck (“Recker”) a member of a U.S. Special Operations Called “Tombstone”. Recker and his Squad Sgt. William Dunn (“Dunn”), 2nd in command SSGT Kimble Graves (“Irish”), and Field Medic Sgt. Clayton Pakowski (“Pac”) have acquired vital Intelligence while being chased by Russian Special Forces in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan. In their escape they lose their 1st in command and Recker has to take command. Tombstone is joined By a CIA Operative, Agent W. from Battlefield 3. You run into some familiar and new faces in this campaign as you take on Russia in hope to end the war. The campaign has some twists to it but there is not much in a story for the game. Recker is faceless and voiceless throughout the single player. The action scenes are entertaining, but there isn't much of a story. It’s more so training for the multiplayer portion of the game, as multiplayer is mainly what drives Battlefield 4.

Final Thoughts

If you’re a Battlefield fan, pick this one up an you won’t be disappointed. If you aren't, try it out, you may like it.