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Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins takes place about two years after Bruce Wayne puts on the mask and becomes the vigilante we have come to love. It shows a much less composed Batman who threatens his enemies and seems a lot more short-tempered. It's Christmas Eve and Black Mask has taken over Blackgate Prison. Batman investigates the breakout only to find out Black Mask has offered fifty million dollars to whoever can "kill the bat". Batman must go throughout Gotham to stop the assassins after him, so innocent civilians won't be hurt while the assassins attempt to flush him out. Throughout the story you see the development of Bruce Wayne as Batman, and the origins of huge parts of the Batman universe. We see how Batman grows to become the hero we know from Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City.

  • Free-flow fighting
  • Easy controls
  • Amazing/driving story
  • Side stories
  • Batman's early years
  • Few new features
  • Mostly the same
  • A few glitches

 The graphics look great in Arkham Origins, and the details in all the characters (and Batman's cape) are incredibly done once again. Gotham also looks well put together and you will notice locations that are there pre "Arkham City" that are still in the city but better maintained.

The game and environment sound great you can easily tell during combat if an enemy picks up a gun, and queues the player to focus on him before he starts shooting. The overall sound just makes you fully aware of your surroundings.


Been with the Batman Arkham franchise since day one of the series. I've had every Batman Arkham game on day one (including Arkham Asylum, before everyone knew how big of a juggernaut it'd become)! I was a little iffy about a prequel to the series and was excited to see what Batman's new developers had in store for us after taking over for Rocksteady (developer of Arkham Asylum, and Arkham City).

Final Thoughts

I found the Arkham Origins story pulls the player in and drives them to the end. I thought the story was incredibly put together. Even though it's the same game Batman fans have come to love. I really wish WB Montreal had added more to it, rather than just seem to add a new story to the same game. Overall it was fun to get a new installment but hopefully there's more added to the next one.