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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

The gameplay starts out really slow! After a few missions the story soars into swashbuckling excitement. The controls are the same as the previous A.C. I really enjoy the pirate aspect of the story and the open seas. Being able to loot and plunder different ships adds an element to the game that I haven’t seen since Skies if Arcadia… (I'm showing my age…). There are a lot of side missions and collectibles to search for. The camera can be annoying sometimes. I felt there weren't as many glitches as A.C. III.

  • Open sea world
  • Non-linear gameplay
  • Tons of collectibles
  • Best game of the series
  • Ship customization
  • Minor glitches
  • Slow start

The graphics in the game are a bit gritty. The fighting animations are smooth and add variations to assassinations. The environments are beautiful! The water is clear and the waterfalls are breathtaking. All of the textures on the ships look very good and the sea looks amazing.

The soundtrack has all of the sea worthy shanties from the period. The landscapes have the sounds of all the animals of the West Indies. The NPCs and their conversations add a lot to the environments.


Black Flag tells the story of Edward Kenway, a British privateer-turned-pirate and eventual member of the Assassin Order. As is the case in previous games in the Assassin's Creed series, the story is divided into two intertwined halves, with one in the present day, one in a historical setting, and the events of each influencing the other. The unnamed player character is hired by Abstergo Entertainment to sift through the memories of Edward Kenway, an eighteenth-century pirate. Meanwhile, a band of notorious pirates - including Edward "Blackbeard" Thatch, Benjamin Hornigold, Charles Vane and many others - dream of a state where man is free to live beyond the reach of kings and rulers.

Final Thoughts

 This has to be the best console pirate game since Skies of Arcadia on Dreamcast. I have to say Black Flag is the best A.C. Game of the series! It isn't necessary to have played the other A.C. titles to pick up on the story.