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Mortal Kombat X

      If you have played the previous installment of Mortal Kombat, this new game will make you feel extremely comfortable.  There have been a few new additions.  Stages are now interactive with the simple push of a button.  The x-ray's and enhanced specials have also returned and are as brutal as ever.  Speaking of brutal, Mortal Kombat X has brought back Brutalities to help you humiliate your enemies.  These brutalities have been re-imagined and are no longer brought on by long button combinations.  There are at least 5 per character, and they are brought on by special conditions met during the fight.  They can be initiated when these conditions are met, and the final hit of the match is done with a specific move.

     Along with the traditional towers everyone knows and has grown to love there is a new tower setup called "living towers".  These Living towers can change daily or hourly and offer an ever changing experience.  Oh, and did I mention. they add Kombat Modifiers to change it up a bit.  These new additions have added new and fun experience to Mortal Kombat

  • Awesome Graphics
  • Cool fatalities and x-rays
  • New characters
  • Fun
  • Living towers
  • 1. No Stage fatalities
  • No "TOASTY"
  • Felt like a lack of fatalities
  • Story too short

     The graphics are better than ever on the Next Gen consoles.  The anatomy shown in fatalities and X-ray's is extremely accurate, and the game is just gorgeous.  Snapping of bones has never sounded so good!  In game audio is very well done.  Another thing that has been added to MKX is character specific pre fight commentary.  Everyone will say something different to their opponent before the fight depending on who the other Kombatant is.  This makes pre fight commentary much more likeable. 


     Mortal Kombat X takes place in a variety of time periods right after the previous Mortal Kombat (2011).  MKX takes place in the 15 years following the events of Mortal Kombat.  This introduces you to many new characters and gives a lot of back-story on all of them.  There is a war in outworld between Mileena, the rightful heir after Shao Khan's rule, and Kotal Khan.  Who will win, and who else may come to try and take power of outworld?

Final Thoughts

     The new Mortal Kombat is awesome and a fun time, especially with friends.  My only true gripes about this game is the lack of actual finishers (Brutalities excluded),  The missing stage fatalities, and how short the story was in comparison to the last installment.  Overall MKX is just as fun as we have come to know from any other Mortal Kombat game.