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Mad Max

     The map is very large and open.  You can venture around but beware of the higher level enemies in the northern territories.  The majority of the game you are driving around and collecting scrap, gas, and ammo.  The scrap helps you upgrade your car, your appearance, and strongholds.  The controls are easy to grasp, and are very similar to the  Batman games with counters and finishers.  You can upgrade your skills by completing certain challenges.  You will spend most of the time removing "threats" from territories and blowing stuff up.

  • Open World
  • Graphics
  • Audio & Sound Effects
  • Upgrades
  • Camera Issues
  • Counter System
  • Repetitive Collecting

     I was surprised by the graphics in the game.  The sand and weather detail is so gritty it makes you want to grab some water, the rust and the fire are like none other.  There are some issues with the camera when in combat.  I didn't care for the disappearing cars after they're destroyed,  I wanted to see the carnage stay around for awhile.  The post apocalyptic atmosphere is captured well through the screams and agony heard in the background audio.  When the engine is upgraded you will definitely be satisfied with the sound.  Voice acting is performed very well and each character has a unique voice. 


     The background story is the same from the movies.  The only difference is you get car-jacked and in an attempt to get it back you meet the main villain and slice his head in half with a chainsaw.

Final Thoughts

     Mad Max is by no means a perfect game, but if you are a fan of Mad Max then I suggest picking this title up.  You will see and feel a presence of other titles in this game.  They have pieced together the right parts from Batman, Red Dead Redemption, Fallout and even GTA.