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Assassin's Creed 3

AC3 is basically the same style of game as in the first AC, with collecting items, side missions, and now with hunting and naval battles. The naval battles are awesome and make me excited to play Black Flag when it comes out. There is soo much to do, but you never feel overwhelmed to do everything at once. The world is huge and open for you to explore in. The camera can be troublesome, but you can easily adjust it with the right stick. Controls and the fighting system are comfortable, but performing assassinations can be tricky sometimes. Although the disclaimer in the beginning states "fictional story based on historical events" you feel like this story actually happened.

  • Graphics
  • Open world
  • Plenty of side missions
    ​and collectibles
  • Voice acting
  • More weapon choices
  • Minor camera issues
  • Minor clipping issues
  • Background noise in cutscenes
    ​can drown out dialog

The graphics are beautiful. Animations are fluid and everything looks accurate for the time period. Finally a game that shows the carcass after you skin an animal. Climbing is easier and each reach animation moves into the next. Other than a few clipping glitches the game is a work of art!

The music set the mood and fits the period. The nature sounds make you feel as if you are hiking in the forest. The voice acting is superb with the exception of the lack of emotion from some of the Native American characters. Dialog can be drowned out in some of the cut scenes due to battle noises.


Continuing the story with Desmond Miles and finding the secret tomb is where this adventure starts. Once in the Animus you find yourself playing a tangled web of a story. I really enjoyed AC3 because I enjoy American history and it was fun to see our founding fathers come to life. There are a few twists in the beginning that really keep you hooked through to the end.

Final Thoughts

 With an abundance of side missions and collectibles to find on a huge map, I will definitely play AC3 again. Also with a well written story I will pick up all  of the other Assassin Creed titles available on the consoles.